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In 2018 we started an exciting food vendor business called ‘Scone Quest’, naturally buying lots of ingredients to keep the business going. But even on a normal shop such as buying the odd biscuit or loaf of bread, we were shocked at just how many products contain palm oil… It’s literally everywhere!
To make things even more difficult, information on palm oil and the products that use it is fragmented everywhere. This is when Palm Oil Heroes came about.

Source: Greenpeace International on YouTube. Narrated by Emma Thompson

Dirty Palm Oil

Why is palm oil so popular
Made from the fruits of African Oil Palm trees, palm oil yields almost 4x more oil compared to other crops per hectre of land. Making it far cheaper to use in production for many products out there, including soap, confectionaries and lipstick.

Then why is palm oil considered bad?
Not the palm oil itself, but the way it is produced is one to bear in mind.
Considering that Palm trees grow throughout Africa, Asia, North and South America, rainforests are being torn down to make room for plantations, to feed our soaring consumption of palm oil.

This has led to extensive deforestation, with beautiful wildlife such as apes, elephants and orangutans dying in record numbers. And it doesn’t stop there, production has also led to forest fires causing premature deaths and human rights abuse across Indonesia where children are said to be working in these plantations.

This is terrible, is there a solution to dirty palm oil?
The sad truth is that brands are going to keep using dirty palm oil with no evidence of slowing down, regardless of their promises of cleaning up. It’s time to put pressure on these brands to make a more sustainable change.
This starts with you and everyone else to make small changes in our daily habits, which will lead to big positive leaps.



To shame companies and their products that use dirty palm oil in their production, and praise the products that actively advertise the use of no palm oil.

We aim to shift people’s shopping habits and to push companies to be more sustainable in their production.

Living a life free of dirty palm oil – the easy way

You’re in the right place.

Considering that over 50% of supermarket products contain palm oil it’s hard to know what to avoid all the time, but that can change right now. On this very site we’re displaying every product we come across that contain palm oil, making it much easier for you to make that change.

So go ahead and have a search, you may get shocking glimpse at how many products you currently buy which are connected to rainforest destruction.

1,000,000 SPECIES

At risk of extinction. A UN report Compiled by 145 expert authors from 50 countries.

Source: National Geographic


By 2022 if this rate of deforestation continues in Indonesia and Malaysia

Source: Earth & World


Imported into Europe goes into our cars. The EU subsidises it as a “green biodiesel”. Even though it’s actually three times worse for the climate than regular diesel.

Source: Sum of Us


of palm growers, who claim to be members of the RSPO “are actually certified.

Source: The Great Projects


 if Greenpeace’s assertions are correct, no company can claim the palm oil it uses is 100% “sustainable”.

Source: The Guardian


Popular brands buy their palm oil from Wilmar – the dirtiest palm oil giant in the world – fuelling destruction, forest fires and human rights abuses across Indonesia.

Source: Green Peace


Orangutans, Chinese tigers, sea turtles and Asian elephants are amongst the many that are critically endangered due to poaching, deforestation and climate change

Source: National Geographic

How to check if a product contains palm oil?

Palm Oil comes under many names. The most common names we found on many products are:
Palm oil / palm fat / palm kernel / palmolein / palmitoyl / palmitate / palmitic

Stephen Hawking

Let them Rise to the challenge of the sustainable development goals, and act, not out of self-interest, but out of common interest. I am very aware of the preciousness of time. Seize the moment. Act now.


David Attenborough

Never has it been more important to understand how the natural world works and how to help it.


You and everyone you know can get involved

This website is built and maintained by just 2 people where we find and upload products slowly day-by-day, for no profit. We couldn’t possibly cover every product.

So spread the word to your friends and families, and if you do come across a product that either uses palm oil or advertises the use of no palm oil, send it over to us.

“I for one would love to travel to a country to get a glimpse of amazing wildlife in their natural habitats, as would anyone I’m sure. A true life experience, and that is worth saving.”

Photo by: Iswanto Arif, Unsplash

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